Moment By Moment

By Sharmyn McGraw

Great News - The search is over: I have found my life's purpose and it was right here all along...after years and years of praying and seeking and wanting to figure out "what's my purpose" I have finally figured out there was nothing to figure out. My life's purpose is now!

I finally get it...My life's purpose is not in the future. It's not a path that I have to pray for or meditate about; it's not the path in my dreams that overwhelms me with feelings and frustrations because it's unobtainable. My life's purpose is not the terrible path that I envision, one that makes me feel sad and depressed because it's a path filled with insurmountable obstacles, so I can finally be happy doing something I love.


I finally understand that I will not find my life's purpose by praying for it but rather IT is me. My purpose is not a project to house the homeless, to stop world hunger or some other desire that sparks or a passion that leaves me longing to do something, anything other than what I'm doing right now. My purpose is not one single thing, but rather it is all the experiences, all the people in my life, all the desires I have to make a difference in the world. It's every challenge I've ever had. It's everything that my creator and I agreed upon before this incarnation. It's every lesson I've ever learned. It's every word I have spoken to either lift someone up or tear them down. My life's purpose is in its fullness. It's every moment I focus my energy on living life, trusting my instincts. It's faith in knowing that my creator directs the universe for my greatest and highest good moment-by-moment. Every single second of my life is my right path. I'm already fulfilling my purpose.

Finally I have released the notion that my life's purpose is something I have to make happen and I have to worry that I may make a wrong decision and in doing so I will prolong my disappointment and feel that I am not living my life's purpose.

Moment-by-moment, each and every breath I take is my deepest purpose: my life's work. Every moment spent wondering what's the purpose of my life is a moment of precious time I wish to stop wasting. I accept that by simply being I allow the universe to use me for greatness. I accept all, but do nothing other than be myself. I allow my creator to come forth in this human experience as me, a seeker of greater and higher consciousness. Instinctively I know that I fulfill my life's purpose moment-by-moment. I co-create my life's purpose with my creator simply by being me. It's like the birds in the trees, who don't question their purpose of life but rather go forth with the instincts that their purpose is to be. There is a perfect sense of order that they don't have to make happen - rather by natural instincts they just let it happen. Everything they need to live and to fly high is already instilled in their DNA. They fly with those that have the same purpose, with the same perspective and they never change their course to question, what's my purpose? We believe that humans are the most evolved creatures, but if that's so, why is it we can't see our own perfection when we look in a mirror? Why do we kill each other because of our differences? Why do we allow what others think of us to dictate how we feel about ourselves?

At 52 years old, I've finally realized that all along, moment-by-moment, I have been living my dreams, my passion, my purpose. Everything that has shown up in my life is exactly from the view of my perspective. I look around at the world from the perspective that there is more lack than abundance – this is my focus. If all I see is that there's not enough of something in the world, then I need to redirect my focus. If I don't like country music, I don't complain that the country music channel is playing music I don't like. No, I simply find a new radio signal that is playing music I do like. I have that choice to look in the direction of what I want, not what I don't want. We always end up exactly where we focus our attention.

Going back in time, my earliest recollection is from when I was two years old. The memory I have as a two-year-old is a simple memory. But I analyze the memory from an adult perspective. I've had many life experiences; therefore, there's no way to have a precise recollection of the past.

I had very little experience of life at two years old, which allowed me very little perspective of what was happing around me. But each day I gained experiences from meeting new people, going to new places and learning from different scenarios, and all of these things broadened my perspective, bit-by-bit. But never at the age of two was I wondering, "What is my life's purpose?"

As children we didn't ask, what's my purpose in life? That's meaningless to a small child who has an instinct that tells him or her that just being is enough. When I think back at my early childhood, I can remember running in parks and playing with my brother and sisters; but I can't remember feeling worried that when I fell asleep at night and woke up in the morning that I would have to hope that my day or my future had some special purpose beyond what was already there right in front of me. I didn't wake up and wonder; is today going to be good or bad? I didn't know that there was a way to distinguish between the two feelings. I had not learned to label how I felt. I just knew how to live, moment-by-moment.

My natural-born instincts allowed me to trust the world I lived in. My instincts allowed me to live each day without the burden of trying to figure everything out but rather to trust that the universe knew how to work perfectly, on its own. All I had to do was show up. The people and situations I encountered were safe and they were there to assist me in my beingness.

Of course as I grew up, so did my capacity to view what was happening around me. I gained a broader perspective with each day. I depended more and more on what I observed from the people in my life rather than the instincts I had depended on in my earlier years. Although I was observing other people's behavior, I could only comprehend it from the perspective of a child - based solely on my past understanding of human behavior. As I grew older, I started to develop a different perspective of people's behaviors and with these new perspectives came new emotions. I learned quickly that there was an emotion that I had developed that felt different than the emotions I had been aware of up until then. I didn't know it had a name (fear) until later but soon I understood that, "Don't do that, you will get hurt" was usually accompanied by physical pain or a frightening rise in someone's voice and followed by a shift in their behavior towards me. This quickly changed my perspective. I used to just let life happen; I trusted the unknown and thought the world is trustworthy – I enjoyed every minute as a new adventure. Then I began to think, "Wait, don't do that, be careful. There may be pain if I do this. Someone that I used to feel safe with changed their behavior and now I feel a bunch of new emotions: uncertainty, caution and fear of disappointment and failure.

This was the pivotal point of my life - when I gained a new perspective on life and stopped depending on my natural born instincts. It was the point at which I disconnected from my creator, the source of my purpose. Just as the story in the Bible, Adam and Eve disconnected from God by eating the forbidden fruit. Once we no longer trust that the world is in perfect alignment, we disconnect from the knowingness that the universe is always on our side. We no longer trust that our purpose in life is allowing the expression of God to shine through us; lifting the veil so we can see, feel and share in all the perfect opportunities, passions, and desires, that are set forth for us, moment-by-moment. We become separated by our own perspective and will live an entire lifetime searching for our purpose in life.

All that we think that we are, all that we want, all that we desire is simply an accumulation of focused thoughts from the perspective that we are separated from our source, our creator. We will forever know the peace that comes from the connection with our creator once we truly connect with the understanding that every part of our journey, at every twist and turn, are the path to purpose.

It's as easy as accepting that a rain drop is simply a drop of water from a rain cloud. We are an intricate part of God's consciousness. When we choose to seek a path to find our purpose, we've chosen to move through our journey disconnected with the perfection that only needs to be understood by our instinct. We are here to merely wake up each day and trust that our path is perfect, the universe is on our side and here always for our greatest and highest good. The source is trustworthy. Just know that you are the vehicle God uses moment-by-moment to fulfill life's blessings each day. We are the purpose and just being you is the key to all the endless possibilities, all the loving relationships we desire and, all the abundance of purpose you could ever handle in one lifetime.

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